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Fig Trial born from Failure

As humans we learn not by our successes in life but by our mistakes or at least that has been the case for me.

The original thought of a fig trial came about by one of those life lessons of failure.

This lesson started when I purchased 2 healthy fig trees for $60 from a big box store. Both figs had beautiful Italian or French names that I should have tagged onto the trees which wasn't done, and I promptly forgot the names.

The trees loved the Arkansas heat and grew happily that summer, while I watched and planed what I would do with all the fresh figs that would be produced. Arkansas has fairly mild winters and that year was no exception with nighttime lows averaging 39 degrees but a few dipped down to below freezing. Spring arrived and I waited for the trees to put out, waited and waited till July when I finally admitted both trees were dead. The fig trees with beautiful Italian/French names were never meant to be planted in Arkansas.

I didn't take the failure well. I repeated my story to friends and a few unsuspecting strangers that innocently asked how I was doing.

Each time at the end of my rant I would say, "Why hasn't anyone gathered the information to tell us what fig trees will live and produce in Arkansas?" I finally listened to what I was saying and realized I can be that person.

The Learning Fields Fig Trial was created from that failure.

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